paste 800g shifteh

۳۵۰g Tomato paste of Shifteh

A rich source of vitamin A, C and folic acid – antioxidant – lycopene – lipoic acid and lutein
• Blood glucose control, resistant to diseases like diabetes – Strengthens the nervous system
• Antioxidants in tomatoes are a strong barrier against infectious diseases
• An appetite, relieves weakness and fatigue, strengthens the nervous system, as well as the heart and blood circulation system.
• Useful for removing chronic poisoning, urea and lipids, treatment of constipation, urinary and bile deposits
• Lycopene in baked tomatoes (paste) has a remarkable effect on the prevention of prostate cancer and breast cancer.
• Enhance vision, skin and mucous membrane health.


Condensed Tomato


With natural ingredients
۲-number packing
۳۵۰g (15- +)
Halal mark
best quality
Has a standard mark
without preservatives

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