Canned beans with potato  Shifteh




Canned beans with potato  Shifteh

The main ingredients of canned beans are Pinto beans with potatoes and delicious tomato sauce including beans, potatoes, tomato paste, onions, and vegetable oil and various spices.
The tomato paste found in canned beans is inspired by the best varieties of tomatoes in the gardens of Khorasan Razavi province and is rich in lycopene, and in addition to its delicious flavor, it has become an important source of antioxidants.
The high percentage of onions in this product reduces blood sugar, and regulates cholesterol and blood pressure, the onion is rich in flavonoids and prevents the growth of tumors and prevents colon cancer.
The oil used in this product consists of vegetable oil (sunflower, soybean and rapeseed), rich in saturated fatty acids.

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This product is also due to having potatoes:
• It is rich in beta-carotene (a vitamin A precursor) that is easily absorbed.
• It is useful because of the presence of starch for energy.
• It contains high levels of vitamin C and is useful for preventing gingival bleeding.
• Contains a large amount of vitamin B6. A cup of cooked potatoes supplies 21% B6 of your daily requirement.
• Due to the high levels of vitamin C, it is suited to cope with ascorbic disease.
• Has an enzyme inhibitor. So it is anti-cancer and anti-virus, especially it is stronger than milk or soy in this case.
• Potatoes are the best medicine for those whose body is acidic.
• Potatoes are a good drug for removing swelling, especially potatoes boiled in food.
• Potatoes also have high levels of potassium for clearing the liver.
• Potatoes make the body younger and it also cures heart diseases.
• Those who are trembling will put potato in their daily meals.
• Potatoes are useful for insomnia that are affected by weakness and potatoes are anti-inflammatory.
• Breaded potatoes are especially useful for people with arthritis.

Beans in this product:
• Beans clean the intestines because of the large amount of fiber.
• Beans prevent the dilution of the blood and increase the body’s resistance to infectious diseases.
• Bean feeds up memory.
• Those who have anemia use bean.
• Beans can be used instead of meat.
• Those who are cold may be given a meal to bean feed.
• Eating bean feeds can smooth the sound.
• softens the breast and lungs.
• Eating beans due to its inositol content prevents hair loss.
• Beans contain herbal insulin.
• Beans contain protein, fat, sugar, calcium, iron, PP, B6, B1, A vitamins.
• Beans prevent body to be cold in Temperament.
• Beans lower blood cholesterol.
• Beans lower blood pressure.
• Eating beans will prevent cancer, especially breast cancer.
• People with eczema put beans in their diet.

Pinto beans
tomato paste
Sunflower oil
Drinking water
Oral refined salt

With natural ingredients
۲۴-number packing
۳۷۰ g (15- +)
Halal mark
best quality
Has a standard mark
without preservatives

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