Shifteh pepper (Parvardeh) salad pickle

Pepper Salad Pickle

Pepper Salad Pickle

• Anticancer
• Stimulates the immune system.
• Prevention and treatment of infectious diarrhea.
• Strong pain killer.
• Reduce the incidence of stomach ulcers due to the presence of a substance called capsaicin.
• Reduce blood cholesterol levels
• Increased appetite.
• Reduced body temperature due to a substance called capsaicin.
• Decongestant, which causes dilution of the sputum and exhaustion of the lungs.


Special spice
Fresh Peppers




tomato paste


With natural ingredients
۶-digit packing
۶۶۰ g (15- +)
Halal mark
best quality
Has a standard mark
without preservatives

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